Clean Rear Disc Free Hub 120mm 12t


After long months of designs and tests, we now have the Clean freewheel hub available to the public.


After long months of designs and tests, we now have the Clean freewheel hub available to the public.

Compared to a freewheel, the integrated system in the hub provides much greater rolling capacity since the chain only engages when you pedal, remaining stationary the rest of the time. Additionally, our freewheel hub offers the highest number of engagement points (270 EP – engagement points).

An outstanding feature of this hub is that absolutely ALL the parts, except for the bearings, have been designed by our team. This includes even the springs and pawls…

Thru-axle included. Standard 6-bolt disc mount with 32 spoke holes.

120mm width, compatible with all Clean frames.

Anodized in red color with clean laser graphics.

The hub consists of several parts:

Body: Made of aerospace-grade aluminum, anodized in black. Tapered walls for maximum rigidity and strength. On the right side, the body has housings for the springs and triggers.

Shell: Where you slide the 12mm diameter thru axle. Made of aluminum.

Bearings: This hub has 4 sealed bearings, two in the body and two in the core.

Integrated cog: We have opted for fixed cogs without threads or washers. The teeth that engage with the triggers are directly pressed on the inner face. Optionally, we will have aluminum fixed cogs available in a few weeks to make the hub super lightweight. The supplied cog is made of a material called SCM440. Additionally, our cog is designed with a narrow-wide profile to ensure perfect chain engagement. Due to this design, no lockring or tightening tool is necessary.

Others: 6mm outer washers. 3mm washer between bearings. Dust seal. Thru axle.

How are “clicks” calculated for a freewheel hub?

There are four factors to consider: the number of triggers, pawls groups, the number of teeth, and the gear ratio used.

Our hub has 9 pawls that engage in groups of 3 each time, which means you always have 3 pawls (in a triangular shape) supporting the teeth. This is extremely reliable and complex to create in a hub with these characteristics. The tooth profile we have created has 60 teeth. Additionally, our pawls have dual support.

Calculation of clicks per revolution or EP: 3 (trigger groups) x 60 (number of teeth) = 180. However, if we take, for example, a gear ratio of 18:12, each front revolution gives one and a half revolutions in the rear (18/12 = 1.5), so we must multiply the obtained clicks by 1.5: 180 x 1.5 = 270 EP or clicks. On the other hand, if we use a gear ratio of 18:15 (18/15 = 1.2), the result will be 180 x 1.2 = 216 EP or clicks.

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