Clean 3P Crankset 30BB


Clean BB30 cranksets are the first in the market with the right crank removable, which makes maintenance even easier than before. With the new adjustment in the left crank by a threaded washer, adjusting this crankset is super easy. Available in 160mm, 165mm, and 170mm.

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Our new crankset system is finally ready.
Both cranks and axle have been forged and then machined from high-quality 7075 T6 aluminum alloy.
Instead of other BB30 cranksets in the trial, our axles are not pressed with the right crank, being easier to remove the freewheel, and also easier to replace the axle or crank if needed.
Cranks come with a straight shape, with removed excess material in the center, being really strong compared with other cranksets before.
30mm outer diameter for the axle, offering maximum stiffness, combined with the press fit cups and high-quality sealed bearings.
Shimano HG splined in the axle for freewheel use, a really easy removal system.
The axle is not only really good for general stiffness but also improves bending and twisting, using all the power transferred by the rider.
The crank removal system is really easy. Just tighten the crank bolt M18 to the axle and the crank will be in place. For removal, you need to fit the nut (left-handed thread) in the crank, then just remove the crank bolt and the crank will be removed.
With the new left crank adjustment, just has to be tightened when the crankset is assembled until getting the system tight and solid, then lock the threaded washer by tightening the small bolt on it.
7075 T6 aluminum cups, with high-quality sealed bearings. To fit in the frame, you can use the Headset Tool.
The complete system is a bit heavier than high-end ISIS systems, but the stiffness is incomparable.
A splined bashring is included only in the 170mm version, is so easy to remove in case you need to change it due to a crash or impact. 160mm axle version is the same, so 20” riders who want to use bashring instead bashplate is also allowed.
X4 2.5mm thickness washers to keep the system in the center, made in 6061 T6 aluminum alloy.
Black anodized finish with laser etched logos. The bolt, nut, and ring come in red anodized.


Totals: 639g (160mm), 672g (165mm) and 643g (170mm)

Cranks: 190g (160mm)

Axle: 142g

Cups + Bearings: 75g

Washers: 2g

Crank Bolts: 21g

Crank Nuts: 11g

Ring: 3g

Additional information

Weight 0,639 kg

160mm, 170mm


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