Comas Caged Titanium Pedals


Single-cage trial pedals with a Titanium axle.



– Single-cage trial pedals with a Titanium axle.
– These trial pedals have a high-strength Titanium axle, while the cage and body are made of aluminum.
– Low profile single cage design, with a 3mm thick lightened cage.
– Aluminum forged body, with reinforcement ribs in the arms to optimize resistance.
– Sealed bearings, which guarantee high durability and smooth rotation.
– Each pedal has 4 steel screws M5x12mm with a bi-conical head, for 3mm Allen key.
– Standard 9/16″ thread for the cranks (the vast majority).
– They can be installed using a 6mm Allen key or a 15mm open-end wrench.
Compatible with:
– Cranksets with 9/16″ thread.
– Cages of other brands with the dimensions indicated below.
Cage Dimensions
– Length: 98mm
– Width: 85mm
– Height: 26mm
– Thickness: 3mm
– Black cage and body with golden axle Titanium
– 254g
Additional information
When installed on the cranks, both pedals are screwed to the front of the bike.
Each pedal is marked R-L to differentiate between them (R: right pedal, L: left pedal).

Additional information

Weight 0,254 kg


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