Magura MT7 Raceline Edition Disc Brakes Set (2 Brakes)


From 1994 till now. MAGURA Raceline brakes have been synonymous with the racing sport for more than two decades. Nowadays it’s downhill stars like Loïc Bruni and Danny Hart who are pushing their personal boundaries anew with these characteristic neon yellow brakes. The 2021 season is now starting, and you too can get your hands on one of these coveted products! Purchase this limited-edition brake online via Click & Collect and pick it up from the dealer of your choice. #racingisyellow

You can purchase a matching Magura Rotor in different sizes HERE.
Adapters for different frames and forks are available to order HERE.


Adapters and Rotors are not included and can be purchased separately.

MT7 Raceline – Award-winning performance with four pistons.
The MT7 Raceline has proven itself in countless competitions – and most recently on the bike of DH world champion Loic Bruni.
With four pistons, the MT7 Raceline offers the best possible braking performance, while the ergonomically-optimized 1-finger HC lever blade gives you the ideal braking feel.
The Carbotecture SL brake master consists of a composite material made of polymers and embedded carbon fibers. This combination makes the brake master light and extremely resistant.
The radial master design reduces friction and enables small/large transmission ratios. This reduces transmission losses and makes the brake more sensitive and easier to modulate.
The MT7 Raceline one-piece 4-piston caliper is made of forged aluminum. This manufacturing method gives the caliper its extraordinary degree of rigidity, making the MT7 Raceline one of the strongest and most easily-modulated brakes on the market.

MAGURA offers a 5-year leak-proof guarantee for all MAGURA brake masters, calipers, and cylinders if they were used with MAGURA Original Spare Parts.

Weight: 255 g
Master Material: Carbotecture, Flip-Flop-Design (can be used for left or right side)
Lever Blade: 1-Finger, Aluminum
Hydraulic: Yes
Brake Fluid: Royal Blood (mineral oil-based)
EBT (Easy Bleed Technology): Yes
Reach Adjust: Yes, toolless
Banjo Fitting: Yes
Pistons: 4
Tubing: MAGURA Disctube
Recommended Rotor: Storm HC including 6 bolts (as an optional extra)
Mounting: PM/IS
Colors: Black-Fluro-Yellow (Master), Mystic Grey Anodized (Caliper)

Additional information

Weight 0,61 kg

2.200mm, comments, in, order, Specified


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