Trialtech Sport Lite V2 / KMC Z1eHX Chain


With a perfect mix of strength and low weight, it is easy to see why the Trialtech Lite V2 chain is popular with many top competition riders. A load capacity of 1370kg means that the Lite chain offers significant strength benefits over standard chains but still manages to keep the weight down to a respectable 265g (80 links).

The narrow (7.8mm pin width) and simple design of the chain means that the Lite V2 chain is suitable for almost all single speed chain tensioners, while the “stretch proof” plates mean less adjustment is needed after installation. Each chain is 80 links long.


  • 00Lightweight chain suitable for competition use.
  • Works on most single-speed setups but can also be used with some gear systems.
  • 7.8mm pin width.
  • Mushroom head pins to eliminate splayed links.
  • ‘SP’ Stretch Proof design helps prevent stretch in the plates.
  • 80 links of  1/2” x 3/32” Should fit all 20″/24″ and 26″ trials bikes.
  • 1370kg max. load capacity.
  • Weight: 265g

Due to the high loads that trials riding places on chains, we recommend replacing them at least every 4 months. Don’t wait for them to break!
It is also important to lubricate them to ensure good function.

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Weight 0,265 kg


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