Try-All BB30 Crankset

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High-quality Try-All BB30 Crankset with Freewheel, Bashring, and additional add-ons available.


– High-quality Try-All BB30 Crankset with Freewheel, Bashring and additional add-ons available.
– Features a through-axle system that sees the right-hand crank arm and BB axle constructed as one piece, reducing weight whilst increasing stiffness.
– Unique axle system also allows for an oversized bottom bracket axle, improving strength.
– New forged crank arms are CNC machined to remove excess material, whilst still being strong.
– Splined freewheel interface eradicate the often difficult task of removing threaded freewheels.
– 18 tooth freewheel features three sets of three pawls engaging into a 40-tooth ratchet, resulting in 120 engagement points!
– Revised freewheel design sees an increase in the thickness of material over the ratchet section, providing greater strength and durability for the drive shell.
– The assembly is pre-loaded by the large black 5mm allen key bolt, and then held in place with a pinch bolt in the non-drive side crank.
– Please note that the pre-load bolt requires little torque. This is used only to pre-load the bearings, and so should only be “nipped” in place. Damage caused by over-tightening is not covered by warranty. The black, M6 pinch bolt should be tightened to 10Nm maximum to keep the crank in place, and this should be checked regularly.
– Chunky, fully sealed cartridge bottom bracket bearings sit in external style bottom bracket cups with standard 1.37″ x 24tpi threads to fit most modern trials frames. Cups require a Hollowtech2 style tool for fitting and removal. Please note: The cups are very slightly oversized so some tools do not quite fit. We recommend using the Park Tool BBT-19 tool which fits perfectly.
– Only marginally heavier than the lightest existing ‘standard’ crankset, yet much stiffer whilst being cheaper overall!
– Notched bashring design ensures it will not slip around the crank when hit.
– 163mm spacing from the rear of the left crank to the rear of the right crank gives equivalent clearance to some 33mm offset cranks on a 128mm ISIS BB.
– Available in an anodized black finish, matched with an anodized red axle and BB cups.
– Length: 170mm
– Freewheel: 156g
– Cranks and axle: 561g (170mm)
– Bashring: 18g
– Cups, bearings, bolts, and spacers: 92g
– Total: 827g
You can additionally purchase a full round Bionic bashring and a custom CNC machined 18T sprocket in case you later decide to switch to a free hub.


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